The Korea Digital Marketing Blog

The Korea Digital Marketing Blog is where you'll get hot info & practical tools for WebDev, SEM, SEO, SMM, online marketing, video & content marketing, social media platforms and more for 2023 - for the South Korean market & beyond!

Whether you run for international brands, a Korean brand or a small business, these pages will share the most popular ways to make your brand show up in search results & social networking and increase your market share.

Increase ROI on DM with the KDMB (results on investment in digital marketing).

The Korea Digital Marketing Blog 2022 FAQs

  • WebDev = website development
  • SEM = search engine marketing
  • SEO = search engine optimization 
  • SMM = social media marketing

No & no. The blog is currently in 3 languages: English, Korean & French. Any one of those will do. And the vast majority of our articles will be relevant to all parts of the world.

Suffice it to say, you don't have to live in South Korea or be targeting South Korea with your advertising to benefit from the content on this blog.  Yes, we'll be covering global digital marketing tips and news as well as Korea digital marketing news.

You bet! Whether you have an online business brand running shopping ads or a brick-and-mortar restaurant targeting mobile devices, we'll teach you how to get your product information out to internet users. 

Yes, we'll include paid brand ads, but the primary focus will be on more organic forms of marketing, including search engine optimization, forum marketing, video marketing. We'll also discuss ways to show up in Korea's top search portal, Naver search engine, which searches Naver content rather than the Internet. These include running a Naver Blog, a Naver Cafe or getting a post on Naver's Quora or on Naver Encyclopedia.

That all depends on our active social media users and the comments on the blog! The important part is that we want to hear from all of our monthly active users as often as possible.

If you have something you'd like us to cover, comment on the blog or send us your contact details via the contact us page. 

Yes, we plan on adding short videos about the topics we're covering as soon as we possibly can. 

Not if we can help it. But maybe. Our interns love that stuff.

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