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Agency Directors

Stephen Revere
Director of Client Services
Steve Revere is the founder of InterCultural Communications. He arrived in Korea in 1995 and is best known as the guy who taught Korean on Arirang TV. For the last few years he studied everything digital marketing who heads up team seeking to make businesses more successful.
Michael Weber
Michael Weber
Storytelling & Video Production
From LA to Seoul with a passion and love of storytelling and over 15 years experience in Film and Media communications, Michael has established himself as a creative digital media and content producer.
shane berg
Shane Berg
SEO Director
Our search engine optimization (SEO) ninja, Shane spent a decade writing for a Korean chaebol securities company. Then Shane took his linguistic talents to ICC & learned how to write schema like a savant, helping client snippets show up at the top of Google search.
Heejung Won
Finance Director
A fan of keeping a low profile, Heejung is not pictured here. As our Finance Director she's crucial to keeping the trains running on time, which she has been doing for us for over 5 years now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our digital advertising agency is located in the Hannam-dong area of Yongsan-gu, which is in the center of Seoul, South Korea. Right next to Seoul's famous Itaewon district, known the world over as the most international place in the city, our multi-national team fits right in.
  • We are a B2B digital marketing agency that teams up with businesses to get the greatest possible return on their advertising investment.With many years of experience in online marketing, we are able to develop the ideal marketing mix for customers. Our clients' advertising budget gets the best results possible no matter what the scale.We primarily cater to successful small and medium businesses in various fields seeking a team to plan and execute a comprehensive digital advertising strategy.
  • As digital strategy ninjas, we are experts at creative advertising content marketing and media planning that drives website traffic from both search engines and social media.We are experts at quick & efficient blog article content, marketing emails, video production.We also run paid digital mobile advertising campaigns.
  • We have worked with companies based in the US, France, Singapore and more - as well as South Korea.From global advertising campaigns to advertising targeting specific countries and even cities, our Korean digital advertising agency has done it all.One of the things that makes us unique, however, is that we're English speaking digital advertising experts on Asia - and South Korea in particular.
  • Data analysis is crucial to any advertising campaign, so we start by working with our clients to set clear, achievable goals for all advertising projects.This starts with creating a few crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that enable us to measure our success.Then we layout clear a clear plan with Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) so that both our clients as well as our team members know exactly what tasks need to be done to accomplish our goals.
  • Our clients typically pay us on an hourly basis for the hours our Korean digital advertising company works for them.We keep detailed records of all the work we do for you as we are doing it. Every month our clients receive a report listing the work we did at the exact time we were doing it. We work with you to come up with an advertising plan which our expert team members will execute for you.
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