Military Auto Source

A Recruiting Marketing Success Story

Their previous system for recruiting involved no less than seven email exchanges.

To solve this we built a that automated entire process. Now applicants can complete the entire application all at one place at one time. They can also start it and log back in to finish later if they'd prefer.

This has had a huge impact on both the quantity and quality of new hires. It has helped create a recruiting marketing success story for MAS. 
Recruiting Digital Marketing Success Story of Sal Salvucci
InterCultural Communications dramatically improved our systems for one of the most crucial parts of our business: recruiting. They automated the process and helped us learn where our most productive advertising was coming from – saving us plenty of money in the process.
Sal Salvucci
Asia Director, MAS

The Client

Military AutoSource (MAS) serves overseas US armed forces by helping them purchase cars and motorcycles through an upfront, secure vehicle buying program. With positions at dozens of bases at remote locations spread out over Korea, Japan & Guam, they are in constant need of qualified salespeople.

The Recruiting Problem

Applicants took screening tests and submitted applications via email. 
This often involved 7 or more emails back and forth for each candidate to apply. 
The process was both time consuming and labor intensive.
Potential candidates were sometimes lost in the process.

The Recruiting Solution

A 1-Stop Website

We created the website for MAS East Asia Recruiting that automated the entire process and tracked where successful applicants had come from, reducing the advertising spend while making it more productive.
Automation graphic


Then we built their personality quiz in digital, online format, allowing candidates to take it anytime. Candidates who were not right for the position automatically received a polite explanation/rejection. The candidates who were a good fit were automatically encouraged to immediately submit their applications online.

Performance Tracking

We set up Analytics to track where successful applicants were coming from. This taught them exactly where their best advertising results were coming from - increasing the ROI on ad spend. 
Tracking Digital Analytics

The Results? A Massive Increase in Applicants

massive increase in applicants
We continue to help them with their digital marketing needs.

We can do it for you too.
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