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Digital Marketing Agency Credentials

"Professionally-run social media from ICC has been a major factor in our growth in the Korean market."
Emma Hammonds
Sales Director – Asia
Jackson Family Wines
"Thanks to digital tracking and reports from ICC we continue to grow our client base year after year. "
Dr. Chad Ebesutani
Founder & CEO
Seoul Counseling Center
"Korean digital marketing agency ICC made sure we ranked at the top of Google for important searches."
Song I Yoon, CPA
Accounting Director
"Since 2017, the InterCultural Communications has been a crucial marketing partner for us."
Simon Lee
Lead Attorney
Pureum Law Office
"Our 3-language ecommerce website came at a terrific price from the team at ICC."
Yann Battard
Made By Me Perfumes
"ICC has been a terrific digital marketing partner ever since they originally built my site in 2018."
Eric Hoffman
Asia Risk & Insurance Advisors

What does Korean Digital Marketing Agency ICC do?

Our global digital marketing group provides a creative advertising agency to support your brand at good value. As an inbound marketing agency, we can assist with the entire marketing mix, from content creation to online ad campaigns.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Website Development - WebDev

Many website development companies design websites but don't do digital marketing. Their sites are may look okay but be poor in terms of online marketing capability.
In addition, most top digital marketing agencies in South Korea rarely understand how to build world-class websites.
See, internet search engines around the world judge the quality of websites and return the best results. They return websites that are fast, user-friendly and provide answers to the search.
A typical Korean digital marketing agency builds a website for Korea's largest search engine, Naver. However, Naver doesn't really search the internet, but is instead a portal to search content from Naver. It's a pay-to-play digital platform where organic website results are tucked away at the bottom of the page.
The digital marketing experts at ICC build websites for global businesses that will appear in search results for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go and more. 
Korean Caviar eCommerce
Food & Beverage eCommerce
This eCommerce website allowed Almas Caviar to sell their caviar directly to customers online.
French Perfume eCommerce
Perfume Company Website Development
Global business madebymeperfumes.com needed a 3-language, eCommerce website operates to sell products worldwide.
Wine & Spirits Website Development
Wine & spirits website development for Indulge allowed everyone to view available alcohol, but logged-in bars & restaurants can also view wholesale price & product information.
Multilingual & eCommerce
Restaurant Chain & Online Shop
We helped Braai Republic start selling their products in both English & Korean.
French & English Website
International School Website Development
Seoul's biggest French International School, Lycee Francais Seoul improved their messaging and communication with parents.
International School
Kindergarten School Website Development
ECLC kindergarten wanted our Korean digital marketing agency to upgrade their website to a more modern look and feel.

Cosmetic Surgeon
Plastic Surgery Clinic Website Design
With a total digital marketing focus, this website built for ATOP Plastic Surgery now delivers high-quality conversions daily.
Psychology Clinic Website Development
The faceted search on Seoul Counseling Center helps clients instantly find just the therapist they need.
Wondering how much a professionally-developed website would cost?
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Social Media Management - SMM

Professional social media management is key to building a brand. So why do so many small & medium companies entrust this crucial job to the unexperienced intern?
Small businesses frequently don't have the need or budget to hire a full-time digital marketing companies to run social media. Our agency's digital terrific value marketing solution helps businesses in various fields target Korean people as well as internet users abroad.
Oh, and our communications agency Seoul can do it for the South Korean market for foreign brands or provide a global presence for a Korean customers in English or French.
Our company's digital advertising experts know how to engage your audience. We have clear systems in place to make sure you're happy with every post before it goes live.
Step 1
Discovery & Planning
We sit down with your team to do marketing research and learn about your brand.
our digital marketing agency discovery process
Korean digital marketing company social media organization
Step 2
Portal Implementation
We set up systems for clear digital communications and quality control.
Step 3
Content Creation & Approval Process
Our team creates images, videos and engaging content to build your audience.
Korean digital marketing company approval process
Korean digital marketing social media outsourcing
Step 4
We work while you relax.
Your social media accounts are monitored and maintained by our Korean digital marketing agency.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

How many times a day do you search? Everyone is thirsty for information and Google, Naver, YouTube, Daum, Bing, etc. are ready to provide that information.
The fast, easy route to to be at the top of the list? Pay. Per. Click. Aka PPC. 
The slow, hard route? Search. Engine. Optimization. Aka SEO.
Our global marketing agency will help you succeed at both.

SEM: Pay Per Click Campaigns - PPC

seoul digital marketing company ppc advertising
Usually it's referred to as PPC advertising. Nowadays, however, the last 'C' in PPC should stand for conversion. The key to success Korean online advertising agency success is to perfectly match client intent with your service.
Ad efficiency requires that your paid search & mobile ad be highly optimized to meet the exact keywords that the client entered into the search engine or is looking for online. Beware of agencies in South Korea that are happy to have you paying for ads that bring visitors but don't deliver paying customers.
A Proud Google Partner

SEM: Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Seoul digital marketing search engine optimization
Paid search is easy. SEO takes time & effort, but pays off handsomely for years.
The amount of detail agencies must understand to succeed at search engine optimization has become mind boggling. It's not just about the content on your website. It includes everything from the speed of your website accessibility even the name you've given your images it's tracked.
That's just on-page SEO. Off-page SEO means you have to deliver quality backlinks from reputable websites to your own site. Those can be hard to earn - or expensive to buy. And most Korean digital marketing agencies have no idea how to do either - because they prefer to swim the "red ocean" known as Naver.
Our marketing agency in Seoul specializes in multilingual SEO.
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