How to Find Check-ins & Reviews on a Facebook Page

Don’t Ignore Facebook Page Check-ins and Reviews!

One of the 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook Page Mis-Management, you should never let a customer Check-in or Review go by unnoticed! Someone took time out of their day to tell all their friends that they visited your establishment, and/or they decided to give you feedback on what they liked or didn’t like about your business.

Nothing shows people you don’t care like totally ignoring their shout-out to you. Even a nice quick emoticon or gif will show that you’re paying attention and that you appreciate their visit/opinion. DO IT!

How to Access Check-ins & Reviews on Facebook

  1. Make sure you’re logged in as an Admin, and from your Facebook Page, go to “Notifications” at the top:
  2. At the left under “Notifications” click on “Activity”
  3. Reviews should automatically open.
  4. From there under “Reviews” you can click on “Check-ins”.

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