Manage Many Different Accounts with Google Chrome “People”

Internet (Web) Browsers, Cookies & Logins

Let’s start off by defining a few terms. (You may want to skip this section if you’re a bit tech savvy.) You use an internet browser to access the web. You probably know your internet web browser by its brand name, be it Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. When you login to a website, that website will deposit a cookie on your browser, which notifies the website that your browser is logged into your account. This “cookie” is why when you leave the website and come back you are still logged in, but if you use a different browser on the same computer you will not be logged in. The cookie is tied to the browser, not to your computer.

Login to The Same Site with Multiple Accounts Using Google Chrome

You may find you want to be logged in to the same website with a different account. When this happens, most people log out of one account and then log back in on the other. Please never waste your time doing this again.

  1. Click on the vertical 3-buttons in the upper right to open the menu, then click on “Settings”. Assuming you haven’t registered with Google Chrome, you will see that you are known as “First user”.
  2. Assuming you haven’t registered with Google Chrome, you will see that you are known as “Person 1”. Click on “Manage other people” in the third row.
  3. From there, name your “Person”, choose an icon and click on “Save”. Chrome will automatically create a shortcut on your desktop. Login to all of the accounts you want to, click on “keep me logged in” when you do and you can easily login to many accounts just by double clicking on your desktop Chrome icon.

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